Salted Sardine Fillet in oil
fileto pastis sardelas se ladi
    packaging / box boxes / palette
Jar 150 gr - 5,28 oz 34 118
Hotel & Restaurant
Tin 1 kgr - 32,15 oz   600
Keep refrigerated at 4-6 °C for 6 months or 7 days after opening the package

Salted Sardine Fillet in oilshield-quality-control-super-food

Sardina pilchardus
Maximum length : 25 cm | Maximum registered weight : - | Depth range encountered : 10 - 100 m

After the quality check the fishermen’s women receive the fish at the packaging facility and using a traditional method, the fish are fileted, washed, salted and after the passing of the required time, they are removed from the salt and dried in a special place where they are smoked with a variety of herbs from the mountains of Kalymnos then packed in glass jars sealed with vacuum method thus ensuring that the product maintains its superior product quality.

Particular reference is found in ancient texts on the consumption of sardines by the ancient Greeks as one of the most essential dishes, mainly due to its excellent properties.

Sardines are one of the few good natural sources and in rare coenzyme Q10 and vitamins D and B12. Among its benefits is to promote heart health, as it is one of the richest sources of essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is considered a super -food product offering the following:

  • Sardines are rich in high quality omega-3 fats which are very beneficial for the cardiovascular system and the nervous system
  • The omega-3 fatty acids have important anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic properties, prevent the occurrence of arrhythmias, and atherosclerosis and play an important role in many cellular processes that are associated with lipid metabolism. Also omega - 3 fatty acids are essential in times of mental stress, and supplying the brain, increase concentration and psychomotor development, assist in the development of the brain and sharpen reflexes
  • A great way to add the miraculous coenzyme Q10 to our diet
  • It is rich in proteins of high biological value
  • Also sardines provide large doses, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and vitamins A & D and B12
  • Besides all these, sardines help us maintain our silhouette, our hair, our skin, mind in good form and even helps our memory and joints