Salted Skipjack Fillet in oil
fileto pastis palamidas se ladi
    packaging / box boxes / palette
Jar 150 gr - 5,28 oz 34 118
Hotel & Restaurant
Tin 1 kgr - 32,15 oz   600
Keep refrigerated at 4-6 °C for 6 months or 7 days after opening the package

Salted Skipjack Fillet in oilshield-quality-control

Katsuwonus pelamis
Maximum length : 1.08 m | Maximum registered weight : 4.5 kgr | Depth range encountered : 0 - 260 m

These fish are fished in the sea area near Kalymnos, around the small uninhabited islets by small coastal vessels and delivered within the same day to our facilities were our women wash the fish, fillet them and remove the skin. The fish are then salted with natural salt, then smoked with flavors from (thyme , savory, oregano, products from the mountains of Kalymnos) and then the packaged in glass jars sealed with the vacuum method thus ensuring that the product maintains its superior product quality.