Smoked Bogue in oil
kapnisti gopa se ladi
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Jar 150 gr - 5,28 oz 34 118
Hotel & Restaurant
Tin 1 kgr - 32,15 oz   600
Keep refrigerated at 4-6 °C for 6 months or 7 days after opening the package

Smoked Bogue in oilshield-quality-control

Boops boops
Maximum length : 36 cm | Maximum registered weight : - | Depth range encountered : 0 - 350 m

The Bogue is small fish whose length averages up to 20-35 cm, and resembles the Salpeas, annular sea bream and white bream. The official name is "boops" (boopsboops) and belongs to the family of seabream (Sparidae). The Bogue travel in schools and live on rocky shores and in kelp. Their meat is particularly delicious.

Its length can reach 35 cm. Its color is greyish-blue on its back, a little lighter silver on the sides and belly and shiny. Behind its eyes begin four yellow lines leading to the root of the tail. It also bears dark brown lateral line. The Bogue’s head has a length approximately one quarter of the total length of the fish. It has relatively large eyes at half height of the head and on this called "boops" from the ancient Greek word "biopis" (= the carrier ox eye). Its rounded tip and mouth inclined upwards. It has on its upper jaw incisors and on the lower canines, although it is considered a herbivorous fish.

Fished by coastal vessels around the smaller uninhabited islets in the area around Kalymnos and then delivered the same day to our facilities for preparation and packaging by the women.  One again, here the fish are washed, the skin removed, fileted and salted with natural sea salt, then smoked with flavors of thyme, savory and oregano (from the mountains of Kalymnos) and then packaged in glass jars sealed with the vacuum method thus ensuring that the product maintains its superior product quality.